Works    Fern Landscapes

Colourful Impressions by barbara bateman

Colourful Impressions  2018

oil on Linen

122cm x 152cm

Blue Gum by barbara bateman

Blue Gum  2018

Oil on Linen

61cm x 76cm Sold

Colourful Sanctuary by barbara bateman

Colourful Sanctuary  2018

Oil on Linen

122cm x 152cm

"Inward Impressions"  2016

Oil on Linen

96 x 80 cm Sold

Colourful Moments by barbara bateman

Colourful Moments  2015

Oil on Linen

122 x 155

Autumn Glade by barbara bateman

Autumn Glade  2014

Oil on Linen

71 x 56 cm

Otway Arcadia by barbara bateman

Otway Arcadia  2014

Oil on Linen

153 x 137 cm (Sold)

Vibrant Bush Encounter by barbara bateman

Vibrant Bush Encounter  2014

Oil on Canvas

120 x 96 cm (Sold)

The Cool Morning by barbara bateman

The Cool Morning  2014

Oil on Linen

152 x 122 cm Sold

"Colourful Sanctuary"  2016

Oil on Linen

137 x 122 cm

"Autumn Bush Sojourn"  2016

Oil on Canvas

102 x 76 cm

"Fern Gracefulness"  2016

Oil on Linen

96 x 80 cm

"Otway Cool Waters"  2016

Oil on Linen

102 x 122 cm

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